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This procedure allows the System Administrator to encrypt the Admin schema logon password to prevent unauthorized connections to the Admin schema.  After you encrypt the password, users who do not know the Admin schema logon password cannot connect to the Admin schema to view names and passwords of other users, modify or delete data in the Admin schema tables.  It is impossible to revert to non-encrypted method of password storage.

  • With the System Administration window open, click DBA > Security Options > Encrypt Admin Schema Password.

  • After you select to encrypt the Domain schema logon password the values of the LogId and LogPassword are automatically cleared from the [Database] section of intools.ini file on the System Administrator’s workstation. For example, where the parameters are displayed as shown:
    you should delete the string =IN_DBAMN in each of the lines.

  • After the encryption, the System Administrator also must distribute the intools.ini file among all the client machines.

  • The encryption process is irreversible.

Changing the Admin Schema password also changes the View-Only Domain schema password generated when the domain was Initialized (File > Initialize). For more information, see Initialize a Domain.

For more information, see Working with the Command Line Interface (Silent Mode) in the Administration Module.