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You can carry out certain Administration operations from the Command Line Interface (Silent Mode) or by batch (.bat) file, in the same way you can install Smart Instrumentation.

The CLI involves running a script with arguments specifying the operation to be actioned. A batch file uses the same scripts but written in a text file, such as notepad, and saved as a .bat file. Double clicking the batch file runs the script.

The following are CLI scripts for Silent mode operations in the Administration Module:

  • When you see <> in any of the scripts, you must replace the contents of the<> with the required value and delete the <>. For example, Upgrade <Domain Name>, becomes Upgrade HexagonPPM.Upgrading all Schema's.

  • If there is a connection failure, the procedure is stopped and a message is displayed in the Log file.

Initialize a New Domain from a DDTI Backup File

This action is only available for Smart Instrumentation 13.1 HF10 and higher.

The following script is used to create a new Domain from a DDTI backup file:

init.exe RESTORE,SI,<new domain name>,<new domain schema name>,<new domain schema password>,<DDTI file full path including file name>,<copy users and departments flag (Y/N)>,<save last created ID flag (Y/N)>

Script example:

init.exe RESTORE,SI,HexagonPPM,HexagonPPM1,123456789,D:\Backups\SI\Plant123.13062021.ddti,N,Y

Initialize a Domain from a Database Source (not DDTI file)

This action is only available for Smart Instrumentation 13.1 HF11 and higher.

The following script is used to Initialize a Domain using a database (db) file as a source, not a DDTI file.

init.exe RESTORE,DB,<Domain Name>,<Domain Schema Name>,<Domain Schema Password>,<Server>,<DataBase>,<Admin Schema Name>,<Admin Schema Password>,<Admin Schema Password>,<Source Domain Name>,<Copy users and departments flag (Y/N)>,<Save last created ID flag (Y/N)>

Script example

init.exe RESTORE,DB,HexagonPPM,HexagonPPM1,123456789,Server1,HexagonAB,IN_DBAMN,IN_DBAMN,TestRestore17,Y.Y

Encrypting Passwords

You can encrypt the following passwords using the CLI or batch (.bat) files,

These actions are only available for Smart Instrumentation 13.1 HF11 and higher.

Admin Schema Password

The following script is used to encrypt the Admin Schema Password.

PasswordEncryption.exe ADM <si_sysadmin_login> <si_sysadmin_password>


PasswordEncryption.exe ADM si_12as34 si_MySysPassword

Domain Schema Passwords

To encrypt all Domain Schema Password type the following in the CLI/Batch file.

PasswordEncryption.exe DOM <si_sysadmin_login> <si_sysadmin_password>


PasswordEncryption.exe DOM si_12as34 si_MySysPassword

Security Schema Password

The following script is used to encrypt the Security Schema password.

PasswordEncryption.exe S <si_sysadmin_login> <si_sysadmin_password>


PasswordEncryption.exe S si_12as34 si_MySysPassword

All User Passwords

To encrypt all user passwords type the following.

PasswordEncryption.exe U <si_sysadmin_login> <si_sysadmin_password>


PasswordEncryption.exe U si_12as34 si_MySysPassword

Run All Encryption Tasks

The following script is used when you want to encrypt all your Admin and Domain Schema passwords, and User passwords in one go.

PasswordEncryption.exe ALL <si_sysadmin_login> <si_sysadmin_password>


PasswordEncryption.exe ALL si_12as34 si_MySysPassword

Rebuild Stored Procedures and Triggers

Only available from Smart Instrumentation 2019HF 12 and higher.

  • This procedure is automatically carried out when you upgrade your database and should only be carried out manually when instructed to do so by Customer Support.

  • If you are asked by Customer Support to rebuild stored procedures and triggers, use the following scripts if you want to do this in silent mode.

For the Admin Schema Name

Upgrade -adminschema


For the Admin Schema ID

Upgrade -9999



Using the Admin schema name

  • Upgrade -adminschema


Using the Admin schema ID

  • Upgrade -9999


For a Project or Domain Name

Upgrade -<Project (domain) ID>



Upgrade -<Domain name>



  • Upgrade -12345



  • Upgrade -MyDomain


Rebuild all Stored Procedures and Triggers

This option allows you to rebuild all stored procedures and triggers.

Upgrade -all


SHARED Tip For a complete list of domain project IDs, run the following SQL Query: SELECT * FROM Project.

For more information on using Silent mode (CLI or Batch (.bat) files, see Working with the Command Line Interface or Batch Files.