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This procedure is only available from version 13.1 HF7.

As an Owner Operator/EPC-Project Mode you can export a project to an external contractor, that can then be worked on "Off-Line" by the external contractor without them gaining access to the your source database. This ability for you to export quickly and easily a project to a file and forward the file to an external contractor, allows for a more efficient way for the external contractor to work, and more importantly security for you knowing that there is no external interaction with your database.

You can export existing projects or create a new project with your scoped items.

  • You can only export whole projects. If you want to export only part of a project you should create a new project with just those items.

  • This procedure is also used by the external contractor to return the project to the Owner Operator/EPC-Project Mode.

  • Any specification custom views associated with your exported/imported project are not automatically transferred with the DDTI. To export/import your specification custom views, see Import and Export Specification Custom Views with a Project.

A DDTI backup file and a DDTI offline package file contain different data and therefore are not interchangeable, a package file cannot be used to initialize a domain or a domain backup file to export/import a package.

To export a project:

When exporting a package at least one unit must be scoped. The scoped unit contains the PBS related reference data such as Naming Convention, plant UDFs and so forth, without which the package importer cannot continue.

  1. In the Domain Administration select the Activities menu > Project Activities.

  2. In the Project Activities dialog box, select the required project to export.

  3. Click Export.

  4. Select where you want to save your project.ddti file.

  5. At the prompt click Yes, your project is saved to the selected folder as a .ddti file ready to send to your external contractor.

  • A DDTI file contains data that is not database dependent. The data in a DDTI file can be imported to any database format (MSS or Oracle) irrespective of its source.

A DDTI project package file is not Smart Instrumentation version dependent. You can import and export from any version higher than 2018 to any other version of Smart Instrumentation version higher than 2018. For example 2018 to 14.0, 13.1 to 2018, and any later versions. However, certain functionalities of the export process are dependent on the Smart Instrumentation version. For example; giving Access Rights to the project reference data is only available from Smart Instrumentation 13.1 HF 7