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Enables you to connect to the Oracle database in which you want to run the Smart Instrumentation database setup process.  Connecting to the Oracle database is the first step in the Smart Instrumentation database setup process.  This process enables you to create a Smart Instrumentation database on Oracle.  This means that by running the database setup, you create the Admin and Encryption schemas for your database.

To open the dialog box, run the DB Setup Utility.

Oracle version — Allows you to select the version of your Oracle server from the list.

DBMS identifier in the INtools.ini file — Displays the compatible DBMS parameter for the Oracle server version which you selected from the Oracle version list.  The DBMS parameter must appear automatically after you select your Oracle server version.  You can change the DBMS parameter if required.

Oracle database name — Displays the Oracle database name automatically, in accordance with your Oracle server version selection.  The value in this box must match the value you defined for the DB_NAME parameter in the Oracle Instance Configuration file.  If the value is incorrect, you can change it as required.

Server name — Displays the value of your Oracle database server name automatically, in accordance with your Oracle server version selection.

System Administrator logon name (view-only) — Displays the default System Administrator logon name (system).  The software uses this name to connect to the Oracle database server.

System Administrator logon password — Displays the System Administrator logon password. The default password value is manager.  It appears masked.  If you cannot connect to the Oracle database server using the default password, contact your Database Administrator, who has rights to create a new System Administrator logon password.

Connect — Connects to the Oracle server and opens the Target Database Parameters dialog box, where you can set parameters for the target Smart Instrumentation database and start the database setup process or create an .sql file.