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Owner Operator

An owner operator domain is a domain with As-Built functionality.  Such a domain is partitioned into several schemas: a single schema for As-Built and separate schemas for projects.  An operational plant exists and most of the activities are concerned with routine maintenance or plant modernization (revamps).  To facilitate plant modernization, you can create one or more projects using existing instrumentation data for the operating plant as a starting point for plant modernizations (revamps).  Each project is defined for one plant only, and a plant can have several associated projects.  Plant modernization may involve the modification of a single instrument tag or loop or hundreds of loops or any other item in Smart Instrumentation.

Engineering Company (EPC) - Project Mode

An EPC-Project Mode domain is a domain with functionality similar to an owner operator domain but instead of As-Built has a Project Center.  Such a domain is partitioned into several schemas: a single schema for Project Center and separate schemas for projects.  During the initial planning stage you can break the main project down into smaller pieces or projects. This would allow you to allow for different groups of engineers or sub-contractors to work on the design of the new plant without having access to your entire database. Each project is defined for one plant only, and a plant can have several associated projects.

The System Administrator can create an owner operator/EPC-Project Mode domain on the fly, when initializing a new domain in the database platform (Oracle, or SQL Server).  Also, the System Administrator can convert an existing engineering company domain to an owner operator domain/EPC-Project Mode using the Domain Definition window options.  When making domain definitions, the System Administrator sets the claim mode (exclusive or non-exclusive).  After creating the first project, these definitions become fixed in the current domain.  When creating an owner operator domain/EPC-Project Mode, As-Built/Project Center is created automatically.  Then, the Domain Administrator needs to create project schemas and assign Project Administrators to each project.  After that, Smart Instrumentation users can define As-Built/Project Center data and then claim this data for the existing projects.

When users complete working in a project, the Project Administrator can merge the project data back with As-Built/Project Center and then delete the project. This needs to be performed in Smart Instrumentation. It is not possible to delete As-Built/Project Center. After merging project data with As-Built/Project Center, you cannot reverse the process.  For this reason, at all stages of plant modernization/creation, you should ensure that there is full coordination of engineering activities between As-Built/Project Center and other projects within your owner operator domain/EPC-Project Mode, to avoid inadvertent loss of data.

We do not recommend working in the Project Center. If you want to combine two projects, copy directly from one project to the other.