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  1. On the Project Activities dialog box, do one of the following:

    • From the Project list, select a project for which you want to assign a logo and click Edit.

    • Click New to create a new project.

  2. Click Logo.

    SHARED Tip The first time you open the Select Logo dialog box the Logo Preview data window displays a message notifying you that no logo is currently assigned to the selected project.

  3. Click Browse to open the Select Logo File dialog box.

    SHARED Tip You can select only the .bmp file format.  You can create a .bmp file using a graphic editing application such as Windows Paintbrush.  Since most reports are printed out in black-and-white, we recommend that you select Bitmap files in black-and-white to save system resources.

  4. Navigate to the required .bmp file that you want to assign as the project logo and click OK.

  5. On the Select Logo dialog box, click OK to assign the selected bitmap to the current project and save the new project logo to the database.