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The Domain Administrator can perform the following tasks to define and manage access rights:

Access rights descriptions — This topic describes the items and activities for which the Domain Administrator can grant access rights.

Grant access rights for selected items or activities — This option enables the Domain Administrator to grant access rights for selected items/activities to a specific group.

Grant the same access rights for all items— This option allows the Domain Administrator to grant the same access right to a group of users on a specified level of the plant hierarchy in the current domain. The Domain Administrator can also grant the same access rights to all user groups on a specified level. If you select the plant or unit level, you can also grant the same access rights to all plants or units or only to the selected plant or unit.  The selected access right mode will then apply to the selected user group or to all the user groups in the current domain.

Copy access rights — The Domain Administrator can use this procedure to copy access rights from a source group to a target group for Smart Instrumentation items at the required level. The Domain Administrator can copy access rights at a domain level, at the highest level of the plant hierarchy, or at the lowest level of the plant hierarchy. In an owner operator domain/EPC-Project Mode, the Domain Administrator can only copy access rights from one project to another.

Workflow access rights — In addition to defining access rights at the module level, you can also define access rights at the level of individual instrument tags for use with the workflow option.

View the items in the current domain — This option enables you to open the Items pop-up window to view the items in the current domain and the levels on which they are defined.  Only those items for which you can grant access rights are displayed.  Note that you cannot edit the displayed item data.

Generate access rights report — You can generate a report that displays access rights granted to user groups that you select.  You can either generate a report on a specific plant hierarchy level or on the domain level, or on all levels.