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It is possible to back up an entire Smart Instrumentation domain to a folder of your choice.  The backup file is created as an encrypted seed file. The backup seed file uses the format, <Domain Name.DDTI_Date/time created (MMDDYYhhmmss) > for the backup seed file name. Creating a backup seed file enables you to back up a domain and then use it as a source for restoring the domain or initializing another domain in Oracle or SQL Server.  This way, you can restore your backed-up data to another domain in your database platform.

If your domain type is Owner operator orEPC-Project Mode , and you want to create an off-site project, you must back up the entire owner operator domain or EPC-Project Mode.

 When backing up a domain, the software does not back up the audit trail data from the CHANGES_LOG table.  Therefore, before performing the domain backup, you must make sure that you trimmed all the audit trail data.  Then, you can back up the trimmed audit trail data manually.  For details, see Backing Up Files Containing Audit Trail Data.

When you back up a domain, the software records the backup session information in a log file.  The software creates the log file in the same folder as the backup zip file using the same naming convention as the back-up file with the suffix .log.

The backup procedure involves the following sequence of operations:

  1. Selecting a folder for the backup seed file.

  2. Connecting to the database containing a domain you want to back up.

  3. Selecting a domain for backup.

  4. Backing up the domain.

    The following special characters cannot be used in passwords, database names, file names, and so forth:











Backups, Domain, .INIT, and so forth can only be made to your local drive. A backup cannot be made to or from a network drive.