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This dialog box allows you to upgrade schemas, monitor the upgrade procedure, and view the procedure log.

To select a schema, select its check box.

Schema Grid

Schema name — Displays the names of the available domain schemas.

Status — Current schema status:

  • Requires upgrade — Schema not selected for upgrade (denoted by ).

  • Pending — Schema in cue for upgrade (denoted by Pending ).

  • In progress — The schema currently being upgraded (denoted by In_progress ).

  • Upgraded — Schema successfully upgraded (denoted by Upgrade_Successful.

  • Upgraded with errors — Schema upgraded with errors (denoted by Upgraded_with_errors ).

  • Upgrade failed — Schema not upgraded (denoted by upgrade failed).

Schema type — Specifies schema type: Administrator, Owner Operator, EPC-Project Mode, or Engineering Company.

RTM — Displays the current version for each schema.

Service pack — Displays the service pack of each domain schema.

Hot Fix — Displays the current hot fix number (if applicable) for each domain schema.

Build — Displays the current build number of each domain schema.

Started— Displays the starting time of the upgrade session.

Ended — Displays the end time of the current upgrade session.

Select All — Selects all the check boxes to upgrade all schemas.

Log — Displays the upgrade log in a Notepad. When an upgrade is either finished or stopped the relevant schema log icon is highlighted.

Log files are stored in:%Temp%\SpiUpgradeLog directory.

Upgrade to Version — Starts the upgrade process to version XXX for the selected schemas.