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Enables the Domain Administrator to select a source <unit> for copying data to a new or existing <unit> within the same domain.  To open this dialog box, in the <Unit> Properties dialog box, click Copy From.

Domain — Displays the name of the domain within which you can copy <unit> data.

Target project (only available in an owner operator domain or EPC-Project Mode) — Allows you to select a target project for copying data from the source <unit>.

Select source — Displays all the available plant hierarchy items that exist in the source domain, or in the source project if the domain type is Owner operator or EPC-Project Mode.  The software displays the plant hierarchy items as defined in the Plant Hierarchy Explorer.  You can expand and collapse the hierarchy by clicking PPM All Outputs Graphic or PPM All Outputs Graphic beside the icons or by double-clicking the icons in the display.

The following icons indicate one example of various hierarchy levels:

PPM All Outputs Graphic — Domain

      — Project or As-Built (available only when the domain type is Owner operator or EPC-Project Mode)

           PPM All Outputs Graphic — <Plant>

                PPM All Outputs Graphic — <Area>

                      PPM All Outputs Graphic — <Unit>

OK — After you select a <unit>, opens a dialog box where you determine what <unit> data you want to copy to the <unit> for which you opened the Properties dialog box.