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The options on the General page of the Preferences dialog box enable you to customize the Smart Instrumentation interface and set general application preferences.  These settings do not affect the preferences that were defined by other Smart Instrumentation users in the current domain or working in the current project, if the domain type is Owner operator or EPC-Project Mode.

When customizing the general preferences, you can:

  • Set the toolbar text.

  • Automatically start Smart Instrumentation with the unit and module you last worked in.

  • Set print preview options.

  • Overwrite the default logo.

Note that the Domain Administrator can restrict your ability to set various preferences.  Therefore, you can find that certain options are disabled.  If you want to enable these options, contact your Domain Administrator, who can manage preferences from the Administration module.

Overwrite logo — Retrieves automatically the current logo from the database and overwrites the projlogo.bmp file in the [Smart Instrumentation home folder]\temp folder.  The projlogo.bmp file is from where Smart Instrumentation takes the logo which is used in documents and reports.  If you clear the check box, the software retrieves the logo from the original bitmap file – in this way the projlogo.bmp file is not changed when switching to another domain, so that you use the same logo.  Clearing the check box also speeds up your work.

Automatic start of the last module — Starts Smart Instrumentation automatically in the lowest level plant hierarchy item in which you last worked.  After you select this check box, the software bypasses the Select Unit dialog box and automatically opens the last module that you worked in.  If several modules were open when closing Smart Instrumentation, the software treats the active module as the last one.

Show toolbar text — Displays the toolbar text.  Clear the check box to hide the toolbar text.

Print preview options — The following options enable you to set a print preview option for report generation.

These options do not apply to archived reports, they are always opened in print preview.

  • Always — Opens print previews automatically, without prompting you for confirmation.

  • Never — Automatically spools reports to the output device, without prompting you for confirmation.

    This option does not apply to Compare Changes reports, except for EDE view compare.

  • Ask user (default) — Prompts you to open a report print preview before printing.

Current report preview options — The following options enable you to compare a new report displayed in the Print Preview window with an existing archived report.

  • Mark changes only — Marks the changes in the print preview of a new report, if the currently previewed report is different from the archived report.

  • Generate changes report only — Generates a changes report after comparing a new report with an archived report.

  • Mark changes and generate changes report — Generates a changes report after comparing a new report with an archived report and marks the changes in the print preview of the new report.

Current report preview options do not apply to EDE view reports.

Display license expiration reminder … days in advance — Allows you to specify the number of days (between 1 and 37) prior to license expiration that the software will display an advance warning.

Temporary folder path — Allows you to specify the path to the Smart Instrumentation temporary folder where the software stores the temporary logo and custom files.  Click Browse to navigate to the path.

For example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPlant\Instrumentation\TEMP

In the temporary folder, the software creates temporary files during various activities that you perform in Smart Instrumentation.  For example, when you create specifications, generate CAD drawings, hook-up drawings, or reports, and so forth.

  • In the Specifications module, when you generate the Spec Forms report, the software generates the report as the specprn.psr file and saves this file to the folder you specify in the Temporary folder path box.  If you leave this box blank, the software saves the specprn.psr file to the Smart Instrumentation home folder and not to the PSR working folder path preference (on the Specifications > Export/Import page).

  • If your CAD application is MicroStation, make sure the path string does not exceed fifty two characters. A longer path prevents MicroStation from generating or displaying drawings or cells from Smart Instrumentation.

  • If the System Administrator specified a global path in your domain, the global path does not apply to the temporary folder path.

Output document folder — Enables you to specify the path to the folder where the software generates API report files and also specification sheets when Reports > Print Specifications to PDF Files is selected in the Specifications module.  Click Browse to navigate to the path.