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Customizing preferences allows you to automate a number of procedures.  Your preference settings do not affect the preferences that were defined by other Smart Instrumentation users in the current domain or working in the current project, if the domain type is Owner operator or EPC-Project Mode.

The Domain Administrator can restrict the ability of other users to set their preferences.  Therefore, you can find that certain options are disabled.  If you want to enable these options, contact your Domain Administrator, who can manage preferences from the Administration module.

Tree view — Click PPM All Outputs Graphic beside a module to expand the hierarchy, and then click an option to open a specific page where you can set your preferences.

Pages — Using the options on the pages, you can view the default preferences set by the Domain Administrator.  Also, you can overwrite certain default preferences with you own settings, if the Domain Administrator has not disabled these preferences.

Reset — Resets all the properties for the selected module to their default values.  This option appears when you select a module or some of the other categories such as Enhanced Reports, Interfaces, or SmartPlant, at the highest level of the tree view.

Reset all — Resets all the properties in the Preferences dialog box to their default values.

Import — Imports the domain/project preferences from the intools.ini file.