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Enables the Domain Administrator to delete projects created in the owner operator domain or EPC-Project Mode.  The Domain Administrator might want to delete the projects that contain corrupted data or projects for which the initialization process failed to complete.  To access this dialog box, enter an owner operator domain or EPC-Project Mode as Domain Administrator and then, click DBA > Delete Projects.

Delete project schema — Determines how the software deletes engineering data: with or without the project schema.  To include deletion of the schema with the project data, select this check box.  If you clear the check box, the software deletes engineering data only, so that you can then define new engineering data for the project.

Data Window

Displays all projects available in the current owner operator domain or EPC-Project Mode.  If, in the owner operator domain or EPC-Project Mode, activities for working in an integrated environment are enabled, this data window displays only projects with Canceled or Merged status.

Project — Allows you to select one or more projects for deletion.

Project Administrator — Displays the names of the Project Administrator.

Plant — Displays the name of the plant associated with the project.


Deletes engineering data for projects selected in the data window.