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Enables the Domain Administrator to assign Smart Instrumentation users to a group for the purpose of assigning the access rights that apply to the group to individual users who belong to that group.  If you use Windows authentication logon method in the current domain, the software can assign users to groups automatically.

 When the domain type is Owner operator, the Project Administrator can define user groups in As-Built and then, when creating a project using the Project Activities dialog box, copy all the user groups from As-Built automatically.

To access this dialog box, click Activities > Assign Users to Groups.

User list — Contains all the users created by the System Administrator.  To assign a user to the group displayed in the Group box, select a user name and drag it to the Group users pane.

 You can assign the same user to more than one group.

Group — Allows you to select a target group for assigning users.

Group users — Contains the users belonging to the group that you selected in the Group list.  To remove a user from the group displayed in the Group box, select a user name and drag it to the User list pane.

Apply — Saves the settings.

User — Displays information about the selected user.