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  1. In the Plant Hierarchy Explorer, open the <Unit> Properties dialog box.  For details, see Create a Plant Hierarchy Item on the Lowest Level.

    • If you want to copy data to an existing <unit>, in the Plant Hierarchy Explorer, select a <unit> that does not have naming conventions.

    • In the <unit> that you selected, you must define the <unit> number even if in the source <unit>, the naming conventions do not include the <unit> number segment.

  2. Click Copy From.

  3. In the dialog box that opens, select a source <unit>.

    SHARED Tip When the domain is an owner operator or EPC-Project Mode domain, select the required project from the Source project list, and then select the <unit> whose data you want to copy.

  4. Click OK to open the Copy Data from Source dialog box.

    • The Copy Data from Source dialog box retains previous settings that you used the last time when you were copying data, apart from specification item types and wiring item naming conventions.  You can use the same settings, discard some of them, or discard them all.  Click Clear All to discard all the displayed settings.

    • Now you can either copy all data of a module or copy specific data.  For details, see Copy All Module Data or Copy Specific Data.