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The Domain Administrator can perform the following tasks when managing reports:

Associate a new title block with a report — The Domain Administrator can associate a default title block supplied with Smart Instrumentation, or a custom title block created in InfoMaker and added to Smart Instrumentation using the options in the Title Blocks dialog box (this dialog box is only accessible from Smart Instrumentation).

The software filters the title blocks that you can associate with a certain report according to the report units of measure (PB units or inches).

Set archiving options for report comparison — This feature allows the Domain Administrator to set archiving options for Smart Instrumentation reports.  A revision archive enables users to view a backup copy of a report with the information contained in that report at the time of revision.  Users can compare an archived report with a previewed report or with another archived report.

You set an archiving option for each report.  This way you determine how users save report revisions, and from what source the software retrieves the archived report revisions for report comparison.

Define report revision management settings — For most reports, revision management setting are set automatically and fixed in the database.  However, for certain non-list-type reports, using the options in the Report Management dialog box, the Domain Administrator can change the revision management setting.  When the domain type is Owner operator or EPC-Project Mode domain, you can only change the revision management settings for reports available in As-Built or Project Center.