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One of the key roles of the Domain Administrator is to define user access rights.  In an owner operator or EPC-Project Mode, domain, access rights are also defined at the level of individual projects.

To grant access rights to each Smart Instrumentation user group, the Domain Administrator chooses the items and activities, the level of access granted. If the domain type is Owner operator or EPC-Project Mode, in a project, access rights granted on the domain level do not apply. If you want to grant access rights to a group assigned to a project, you must also assign this group to As-Built or Project Center. For the description of the items and activities, see Access Rights Descriptions.

In Smart Instrumentation, items (for example, tags, cables, loops, and so forth) and activities (for example, modules) are defined on a specific level: highest or lowest plant hierarchy level (for example, plant or unit), or on the level of the entire domain. If data is defined on a specified level, it contains data which is unique on the specified level.

For example:

The cable item type is defined per <plant>.  This means that any cable data is described in the current domain on the <plant> level. This is so because tag numbers associated with wiring can propagate to more than one <unit> or <area>.

On each level you can grant to a group one of the following access rights:

  • Full — users in the corresponding group can add, delete, and update the data of the selected item type.

  • Modify — users in the corresponding group can only add or update the data of the selected item type (deletion is prohibited).

  • View Only — users in the corresponding group can only view the data of the selected item type without being able to modify it.

  • Access Denied — users in the corresponding group cannot access the data of the selected item type.

  • If you assign a user to more than one group, you can specify whether to grant maximum or minimum access rights for that user over all the groups, by respectively selecting or clearing Grant maximum access rights.

  • If you do not have access rights (Access Denied) for a specific module or activity, for example; Calculation, Hook-Ups, or Wiring, you cannot generate an EDE and view its data from a query. Preview a query and see the data, or open an EDE from the EDE Explorer and view its data.