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A Smart Instrumentation user group is a group in which all users share the same access rights.  After the System Administrator defines new users, the Domain Administrator needs to assign the users to groups so that they can be granted access rights to various items or activities.  As access rights are defined at the level of a group, the Domain Administrator needs to define user groups and then assign appropriate users to these groups.  A user can belong to several groups with different access rights.

In a project of an owner operator domain or engineering projects domain mode, access rights granted on the domain level do not apply.  If you want to grant access rights to a group assigned to a project, you must also assign this group to As-Built or Project Center.

When you back up an existing domain or initialize a domain using another domain as a source, you can set the software to copy the source domain users.  The software only copies those users who are assigned to groups.

If the System Administrator enables the use of Windows authentication logon method, the software can create and assign users to groups automatically.  For more information, see Windows Authentication Logon Method.