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As the software organizes all the information in Smart Instrumentation on a very specific hierarchy level, users must access a unit when they start Smart Instrumentation.  The Domain Administrator is responsible for setting up and organizing the plant hierarchy that constitutes the structure of every plant.

The software provides you with the flexibility of specifying your working environment so that, whether you are designing and building an entirely new plant, or modernizing an existing plant, you can use the software to maximum effect when managing data.

In Smart Instrumentation, the working environment is known as a domain, which the System Administrator is responsible for setting up in the Administration module.  The type of domain depends on the starting point for your activities:

  • New plant design and construction — The System Administrator selects the domain type engineering company or engineering company-project mode, and you can create as many plants as required within each domain.

  • Plant modernization — The System Administrator selects the domain type Owner Operator that includes As-Built.  Within the domain, you define projects for modifying the data in each plant.  For details, see Owner Operator Domain (As-Built and Projects).

Once the System Administrator has set up the working environment, the Domain Administrator is responsible for performing the activities.

The Domain Administrator is responsible for defining plant hierarchy levels and then setting up and organizing the plant hierarchy level items.  For example, on the Plant level, it is possible to create several items such as Plant1, Plant2, Plant3, and so forth.

When you enter a domain for the first time, and open the Plant Hierarchy Explorer, the software only displays the plant DEFAULT, if the System Administrator has enabled the use of the default plant.  The System Administrator has rights to switch the default plant on or off until you create a plant hierarchy with more than three levels.

When a user starts a module to access information, such as loops or tag numbers in the Instrument Index module, the information is grouped on a per <unit> basis.  For this reason, users must select a <unit> before entering a module.  Instrument tags are therefore unique on the <unit> level.  Wiring data, for example, equipment, line, and so forth, are defined per <plant> and are usable in all <units> that belong to that <plant>.  These items are, therefore, unique on the <plant> level.

  • When working in an integrated environment, there are certain requirements relating to As-Built and projects.  For a description of these and other requirements, see .Tool Requirements for Integrating Smart Instrumentation

  • It is recommended that you back up your database before performing any engineering activities.

  • You must be granted full access rights for the ENGINEERING PROJECT DEFINITION activity to be able to perform engineering activities. To learn how to grant access rights, see Grant Access Rights for Selected Items or Activities.