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  1. Start the Administration module and log on as System Administrator.

  2. Do one of the following to open the Domain Definition window:

    • Click File > Domain Definition.

    • Click .

  3. From the Domain list, select the domain.

  4. Click Edit icon 16bit.

    SHARED Tip The domain schema name and domain schema password values are set only once, when you initialize the domain; therefore, you cannot edit these values.

  5. Do one of the following to specify the domain type:

    • Click Owner operator to set the domain type as Owner operator and enable users to work in projects or in As-Built.  For further information, see Create an Owner Operator Domain.

    • Click Engineering company to define the domain as an engineering company if you do not need the As-Built functionality.

    • Click Engineering company - Project Mode to define the domain as an engineering company but with Project functionality.

  6. Under Domain features, enable or disable the available domain features.

  7. Under Workflow, select an option.  For more information, see Enable Workflow.

    SHARED Tip Workflow options are available only when the domain type is defined as Engineering company.  For an owner operator domain and EPC-Project Mode domain, the workflow is defined at the level of the projects in the domain.

  8. Under Specification title block, from the Custom title block assignment method, select one of the following methods:

    • Standard (used in all modules) — Allows the Domain Administrator to select one specific custom title block to be assigned to all specifications.  After selecting this option, the software hides all the title block assignment options that are available in the Specifications module.

    • Special (used in Specifications module only) — Allows users to assign individual title blocks to any specification, using the title block assignment options available in the Specifications module.

  9. In the Plant hierarchy separator box, enter a single- character separator for all or part of a plant hierarchy is displayed as a string.  For example, if the separator character is &, and you have plant hierarchy items My Plant, My Area, and My Unit, in the Properties dialog box for the My Unit item, the software displays the parent hierarchy as follows:
    My Plant&My Area

    If working in an integrated environment, you cannot use a forward slash (/) as a plant hierarchy separator.

  10. Under Global path, click Browse to navigate to a folder which you want to set as a global path folder.  For more information, see Specify a Global Path.

  11. On the window tool bar, click Save Icon 16bit.

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