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In Smart Instrumentation, the working environment for your instrumentation activities is known as a domain.  The domain type can be either Engineering Company, Engineering Company - Projects Mode or Owner operator.  The System Administrator is responsible for initializing (creating) domains.  After initializing a domain, it is possible to define users, access rights, naming conventions, and so forth.  When initializing a domain, the software creates the Domain schema, which contains all the database objects that allow you to work with Smart Instrumentation.

On Oracle or SQL Server, you can initialize a domain only after completing the Smart Instrumentation database setup.  You can create several domains (one domain at a time).  These domains share the Admin schema, created during the database setup.  The Admin schema already contains the Smart Instrumentation database tables, but you cannot use these tables until the software creates a Domain schema, with various object references necessary for working in Smart Instrumentation.  For example, the Admin schema contains the table USERS but you cannot create users, assign them to groups, and grant access rights until a Domain schema exists because you can only perform these activities at a domain level.  When initializing a domain, the Domain schema, receives the INTOOLS_ENGINEER role, which is created during the database setup.  This role has system privileges and privileges for database objects included in the Admin schema.  These objects are shared for all domains you initialize.

You can initialize a domain in one of the following ways:

  • Initialize an empty domain.  When initializing an empty domain in Oracle or SQL Server, you can perform the initialization procedure without using the Administration module options of Smart Instrumentation.  For details, see Initialize a Domain from the Command Line.

  • Initialize a new domain using another domain as a source.  This way, in the target database, you restore a domain with all existing data.