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Due to security changes in Windows 10, users who require access to INIT/Backup, upgrade, import, and Administration functions, must have windows administrative privileges for this functionality to work correctly.

The Administration module provides you with administrative tools for keeping track of your resources and maintaining user access security.

There are two mutually exclusive levels of administration – System Administration and Domain Administration – that provide you with a more control over security and resource management.

The System Administrator

The system must first be set up at the System Administration level before resources can be allocated at the Domain Administration level.

The System Administrator is responsible for managing the database, infrastructure, creating and defining a working environment and for setting up the database security, for example password encryption, whether user names must be unique, how the software reacts to a user who tries to log on with the wrong password, and so forth. The System Administrator also creates and manages user profiles (including the Domain Administrator), setting up audit trail options, generating certain reports and managing user sessions on multi-user versions of the software. Another important aspect of the System Administrators responsibility is the initialization, backup, and even the deletion of a domain.

The Domain Administrator

The Domain Administrator is responsible for managing the resources that have been set up by the System Administrator. The responsibilities of the Domain Administrator include defining projects when the domain type is Owner operator or Engineering Company Project, or manage a working environment of an engineering company domain. The Domain Administration can grant access privileges for users, define item naming conventions, set plant structure, set preferences, create custom tables, custom fields, and so forth.

The following flowchart shows the steps required to install the Intergraph Smart® Instrumentation software and perform the initial administration tasks prior to opening Smart Instrumentation for the first time.

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In 32 and 64bit environments with UAC on, to perform administrative tasks in Smart Instrumentation, the Windows user must be allocated Read/Write permissions in the installation folder (by default %systemdrive%\Program Files\SmartPlant - for 32-bit machines and %systemdrive%\Program Files (x86)\SmartPlant - for 64-bit machines).

The following special characters cannot be used in passwords, database names, file names, and so forth:











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