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These procedures are only available from Smart Instrumentation version 13.1 HF 7.

The Import/Export process (once started) continues even if you close the Administration Module. The Administration Module continues to run in the background. To close the Administration Module before the Import/Export process is complete or after the process is completed, use the Window's Task Manager to close the Administration Module.

Owner Operators and EPCs can export and import project packages. There are slight differences in the export and import process for an Owner Operator and EPC.

Exporting a project allows the recipient to import and work on the project package without any need to access the source database. As there is no external interaction with the source database this creates a more secure environment for you and your external contractor.

When exporting a package at least one unit must be scoped. The scoped unit contains the PBS related reference data such as Naming Convention, plant UDFs and so forth, without which the package importer cannot continue.

At any time the external contractor can export the project package and return it to the Owner Operator or EPC that supplied the package, for review or merger back to the main database.

The export and import of data is done using a DDTI file created by the software during the export process.

  • A DDTI backup file and a DDTI offline package file contain different data and therefore are not interchangeable, a package file cannot be used to initialize a domain or a domain backup file to export/import a package.

  • Any specification custom views associated with your exported/imported project are not automatically transferred with the DDTI. To export/import your specification custom views, see Import and Export Specification Custom Views with a Project.