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  1. After selecting a site and plant for the target, select an application from the APPLICATIONS tab.

    Click and then click Open in Reference Data Sync.

  2. From the Choose Source window, do one of the following:

  3. From the Source Type, choose Plant or Package.

  4. From the Site list, choose a site.

  5. If you have selected Plant in step 3, choose a Plant from the list. If you selected Package in step 3, choose a Package from the list.

  6. Click OK to close the Choose Source window .

  7. Wait for the message indicating that the comparison source loaded successfully and then click the COMPARE button.

    The list of Plant Level entities or Application Level entities loads with a green or yellow dot beside any entity which has unequal results.


    Each color resembles a different result status.

  8. Select a highlighted entity and click a row to see more details.

    In the DETAILS pane, the information under the Source and Target columns indicates the difference between the two records. Each row that you click on displays detailed information related to the record selected.

    By default, the entities in the grid are already filtered with the condition of Different already applied. Toggle between the filter options to see the items in the grid change based on a different condition you can select the other filter options: Source Only, Identical, or Errors.

    When the Errors filter is selected, the entities in the grid that have an error condition are marked with a red circle .

    To toggle between loaded data and the view of compared data, click .