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This page displays URLs of the servers hosting the Web API sources you can connect to. In addition, here you set your preferred interface language.


To view and manage your data, you need to connect Smart Engineering Manager to an endpoint source. Each source has a URL that points to the Web Application hosted on a server. You can edit existing sources and add new sources. Once you have added and saved a new source, the relevant sites of that source are then loaded to the Sites page. You can then start working with the new sites, plants, and application data.

  • You must have a SuperAdmin role to be able to work with endpoint sources.

  • After logging in with your credentials, you will see only the sources for which you have permissions.

  • When using an Identity Provider to log in, Smart API Manager (SAM) restricts you from logging in from multiple groups to a single API. This impacts users working with Schema Management in Integrated mode and results in SDx sources being unusable because they are added in an unconnected state. For more information and details of how to resolve this issue, see Resolve added SDx endpoint sources in an unconnected state.

To add a source:

  1. From the Sources tab, click at the right.

  2. In the Add Source window, select your company.

  3. In the User Groups field, click the down arrow to display the groups and select the groups you want to assign to the source.

  4. In the URL field, type the source URL string, for example:

    On exiting the URL field, the Type and Source Name field values are filled automatically.

  5. In the Source Name field, edit the source name (Optional).

  6. To enable Smart Engineering Manager to connect to this source, select the Connect to this source check box.

  7. Click Save.

Once you click Save and close the Settings window, you will be leaving the current web page and get redirected back to the Sites page.

  • You can be connected to more than one source. The sources you are connected to are marked with . To disconnect a source, click and select Disconnect next to one of the existing sources.

  • To edit a source, click next to one of the existing sources and select Edit. You can enter a different URL in the URL field, and a different name in the Name field. The Type field for the new source is auto-generated. Note that once you click Save, and close the Settings window you will be leaving the current web page and get redirected back to the updated Sites page.

  • To delete a source, click next to one of the existing sources and select Delete.


Smart Engineering Manager supports several languages. Set your preferred language, click Save, and close the Settings window for your change to apply. The next time you log into the application, Smart Engineering Manager will display in your last selected language.