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From the APPLICATIONS tab, you have the option to create a package from any associated application on the list. The package created contains common plant and application reference data for the selected plant. For each associated application you need to create a separate package, to subsequently perform RDSM tasks.

The package is compressed into a zipped file and then saved on the Smart Engineering Manager Server for future RDSM tasks. The saved package file provides another option for selecting a source plant from an off-line location.

You can view the package you created by going to Smart Engineering Manager Sites page and selecting the site that contains your plant.

  1. From the Smart Engineering Manager APPLICATIONS tab, click beside the required application and select Create Reference Data Package.

  2. In the Create Reference Data Package dialog box, type a name for the package and click OK.

    Once the creation is done, a pop-up notification appears stating that the reference data package has been created.