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This request allows you to update a plant group's description.

Use the PATCH method to update a plant group with the following input:

  • Service Root URI: https://<Server Name>/<IIS Application Name>/sem/v3

  • Resource path: /Sites('<Site Name>')/Plants('<Plant Name>')/PlantGroups('<Plant Group ID>')

Resource path strings are case-sensitive.

Sample URI



  • The Header field of the update script must contain the key 'If-Match' with value * or some other suitable value.

  • The plant group's Id value can be obtained by running the View plant groups request.

  • The 'UnitCode' parameter only applies to a plant group of type Unit.

Sample JSON request


"Name": "Unit 1 revamp",

"Description": "Unit 1 updated description",

"UnitCode": "Unit 1 update"


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