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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager Upgrade Utility Help

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager
Installation & Upgrade
2018 (8.0)
7.1 (2014 R1)
9 (2018)

Use this procedure to upgrade Smart Electrical when status Upgrade available is displayed for this application.

  1. Select the plant in the Active Plants node, right-click and on the shortcut menu, click Upgrade Electrical.

    The utility moves the plant from the Active Plants node to the Upgrades in progress node and displays the list of upgrade tasks required to upgrade the Smart Electrical application.

  2. In the Upgrades in progress node, right-click the plant and on the shortcut menu, click Finish All Tasks to start the upgrade process for the application.

    The following message appears:

  3. Click Yes to proceed with the next stage of the upgrade procedure.

    As each task is completed, its status changes from No to Yes and a progress bar at the bottom of the dialog box indicates the upgrade activity for the current task:

    After the application is upgraded, the utility moves the plant back under the Active plants node and updates the application status in the Upgrade Tasks pane to Up-to-date.

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