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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager
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This guide explains how to use the features of the Intergraph Smart® Engineering Manager Upgrade Utility. For full details of the upgrade process, including prerequisite activities and post-upgrade tasks, see the Smart Engineering Manager Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Before using the new version of the software, we strongly recommend that you completely upgrade your plant and applications as described in this section. For Smart P&ID, you should update all drawings to the current version. A plant with a mixture of upgraded and non-upgraded data may result in some data being permanently inaccessible.

You use the Smart Engineering Manager Upgrade Utility to upgrade the plant and application databases to the latest version of the software.

The following table is a compatibility matrix of the most recent software versions.

Smart Engineering Manager

Smart P&ID

Smart Electrical

Version 2014

Version 2014

Version 2009 SP5

Version 2014 R1

Version 2014 R1

Version 2015

Version 2014 R2

Version 2014 R1

Version 2015 R1

Version 2018

Version 2014 R1

Version 2018

Version 2019

Version 2019

Version 2019

Upgrade Requirements at Different Levels

The following table will help you to determine what to upgrade when working with Smart Engineering Manager 2019.


Versions Requiring Upgrade


SmartPlant Engineering Manager versions earlier than 2009 SP3


SmartPlant Engineering Manager versions earlier than 2009


  • SmartPlant P&ID versions earlier than 2014

  • SmartPlant Electrical versions earlier than 2019

  • Before upgrading your plants, ensure that your site is up-to-date.

  • You are not required to upgrade all plants in a particular site at the same time.

  • If you are upgrading from SmartPlant Engineering Manager 2007.x to Smart Engineering Manager 2019, you must first install SmartPlant Engineering Manager 2009 on Windows XP and perform the upgrade from 2007.x to 2009 (including plant and application upgrades). After that, you need to upgrade the operating system to a suitable Windows version (for details, see Smart Engineering Manager Workstation under Hardware and Software Recommendations) and then you must uninstall SmartPlant Engineering Manager 2009 prior to installing Smart Engineering Manager 2019.

  • If you are upgrading from a database version of SmartPlant P&ID or SmartPlant Electrical earlier than 2009, you must first upgrade that database version to SmartPlant P&ID or SmartPlant Electrical 2009 using Version 2009 of the Upgrade Utility before upgrading to the current version of the application.

Upgrading Plants and Applications Containing Projects

Running the Upgrade Utility on a plant and applications containing projects upgrades the relevant project schemas at the same time.  Each of the upgrade tasks handles any necessary changes in both the plant or application databases and the project databases.

Upgrading Satellites in a Workshare Collaboration

You do not have to collapse or shut down projects or satellites in Workshare collaborations before upgrading.  Upgrading a satellite is a separate process.  The host for a connected satellite must be upgraded before the satellite.

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