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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager Upgrade Utility Help

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager
Installation & Upgrade
2018 (8.0)
7.1 (2014 R1)
9 (2018)

Displays the upgrade tasks required for the plant upgrade process.  On choosing this command, the utility moves the plant from the Active plants node to the Upgrades in progress node and displays the list of upgrade tasks required to upgrade the selected plant.

Click File > Finish All Tasks to start the upgrade process.

If you have not yet run a task, you can cancel the upgrade process by selecting the plant under the Upgrades in Progress node and clicking File > Cancel to restore the pre-upgrade state.

  • You must complete all upgrade tasks for a plant before you upgrade the reference data or drawings in the plant.

  • You cannot upgrade a backed-up plant without restoring it first.

  • For a list of all changes made during the plant upgrade, including each upgrade subtask, see the plant upgrade log file. The log file is saved in the folder where the plant structure resides.

  • To view the plant upgrade log file, select the plant in the Tree view, and then click File > Show Log.

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