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Because system configurations, database software, and individual company standards vary, use this section as a checklist instead of step-by-step instructions for Microsoft SQL Server running on a Windows Server operating system.

If you are using a Global Workshare Configuration, you must install the Enterprise Edition of Microsoft SQL Server for your Host and Satellite locations.

  • When creating and configuring your databases, keep in mind that plant structures must be created in a SQL Server database separate from the site server database and that each plant must be in its own database.

  • Database names may not include periods (.) or spaces.

  • If the backup location for your SQL site is located on a separate computer from your database, you must modify the logon information for the SQL Server services. For details, see Modify Logon Information for SQL Server Services.

  • Create Microsoft SQL Server databases with locale-specific collation settings and ensure that all interacting databases have the same collation settings.

  • There are internationalization considerations concerning the SQL Server collation settings you specify that relate to reference data, using SmartPlant Enterprise integrated systems, Global Workshare Configuration, multiple locales, backup/restore, reports, and upgrading to future releases.

For specific configuration questions, contact customer support.