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Smart Electrical Version
2019 (9.0)
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9 (2019)
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10 (2019)

Defines the attributes for the plant root item. This root item is the first item in the hierarchy that you selected on the previous page. An asterisk (*) at the end of an item name indicates a value is required for that item.

The options that display on this page depend on the hierarchy root item selected on the previous page.

Plant group type name — Displays the root item in the hierarchy you chose for the plant.

Name — Type a name for the plant, which is displayed by the icon under the Plant Structures node in the Tree view. This name is limited to 80 characters and cannot contain any of the following characters: < , > ? \ / ' ; { } [ ] ~ ` ! % * ( ) | : "

Description — Type a description for the plant. The description is limited to 240 characters.

Address — Type an address identification for the plant. This option appears only if the plant structure uses Hierarchy 2: Site/Plant/Unit or uses a hierarchy with the Site plant group type as the root item.