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Engineering applications (such as Smart P&ID or Smart Electrical) are used to access data within your plant structure. Before you can use an application with your data, you must associate that application with the plant structure.

To associate an application with your plant structure, use the Tools > Associate Applications command to open the Associate Applications wizard that helps you step through creating the application schema and data dictionary. When associating an application, you must provide the following information as you step through the wizard.

Data Dictionary Source — Specifies whether the data dictionary for the associated application will be built from a default template or a custom template. You must specify the path to the location of the seed files. Data dictionary templates are not database-specific. In other words, a given data dictionary template can be used in both Oracle and SQL Server environments. For more information about using data dictionary templates, see Working with Data Dictionaries.

Application Schema and Application Data Dictionary Schema Information — Allows you to specify user names and passwords for both schemas. All data needed to maintain the application association is written into the application schema.

  • When associating Smart P&ID or Smart Electrical, you can use the Default Settings commands on the Tools menu to specify default values to simplify the application association process. For more information, see Using Default Settings (see ).

  • In an integrated environment, if only one application is associated with the plant at the time it is registered, only that application is registered.  If another application is later associated with the plant, the Register command is enabled so that you can register the new application with the plant.  For more information, see Register Command.

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