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Reference Data Synchronization (RDS) Manager provides tools for comparing, synchronizing, and managing reference data across multiple plants. This application is especially useful when you need to maintain a central set of reference data for all the plants across a site without having a network or database connection between plants.

The reference data synchronization process involves three steps:

  1. Creating an RDS package that contains the reference data from the source plant.

  2. Comparing the RDS package to the target plant reference data.

  3. Synchronizing (merging) the RDS package into the plant and application reference data at the target.

Recommended Configuration

  • Select the plant whose reference data you want to use as the source reference data.

  • Create a data RDS package from the source plant.

  • Back up the target plant.

  • Lock down (set to read-only) the user access to the reference data at the source plants. Allow full-control user access to the reference data only at the target plant.

  • Synchronize the target plants with the source plant RDS package.