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During site creation, you are asked to specify the user group that you want to have site administrator privileges. The group you specify will then possess a set of unique rights that cannot be granted to any other role. These rights include creating plant structures, creating and modifying hierarchies, creating and modifying plant group types, enabling and creating projects, and so forth. Site administrators can see all plant structures in the site and have full access to them. Site administrator privileges do not extend to the individual engineering products.

The following tasks must be completed before a user group can be used as the site administrator group:

  1. Create the user group using the administrative tools on your computer.

  2. Verify that the users you added to the group created above are also members of the local Administrators group on the computer where Smart Engineering Manager is loaded.

  3. Grant network access privileges to the user group you just created using administrative tools on your computer.

  • For more information about how Smart Engineering Manager applies user access and site administration privileges, see User Access .

  • All users in Groups other than the Administrators group must have Read/Write access to the folder where Smart Engineering Manager is installed in order to use the software.

  • An Active Directory group must have Security status and Global group scope in order to be able to work with Smart Engineering Manager.

  • You can change the user group assigned as the site administrator group after site creation. See Change the Site Administrator User Group.