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The Database Constraint Report file is a Microsoft Excel file containing several worksheets.

The first sheet in the report is the Report Progress Messages, which contains a list of the constraint checks made and the number of violations detected for each constraint check. Each violation type appears on its own worksheet, with the name of the constraint violation displayed on the worksheet tab.

Each worksheet also contains a list of drawings containing constraint exceptions, along with the name of the recommended constraint utility (usually in cell B1) to use in resolving the violation.

All constraint utilities, including the Clean Data utility (DelOrpModItems.dll), are run on an open drawing inside Smart P&ID. However, unlike all the other constraint utilities that run on a drawing-by-drawing basis, the Clean Data utility runs on the entire plant data set. If Clean Data is used to resolve any particular constraint violation, a particular drawing will not be specified in the report for this constraint violation nor will a utility name be listed at the top of the worksheet.