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Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager Installation and Upgrade

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  1. From the Windows Control Panel, select Administrative Tools > Services.

  2. In the Services list, double-click SQLServer (MSSQLServer) to open the SQLServer (MSSQLServer) Properties dialog box.

    • SQLServer (MSSQLServer) is the default instance for SQL Server.

    • In place of the default instance, you can use a named instance, for example: SQLServer (Schematics).

  3. Click the Log On tab.

  4. Select This account and type the user name and password for the domain user who will be starting the MSSQLSERVER service.

  5. Save your changes.

  6. If the user defined in This account does not already have permissions to the share where backups are stored, grant the user read/write permissions to that share.

For more information about MSSQLServer properties and granting permissions to domain users, refer to your SQL Server and Windows documentation.