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Smart Engineering Manager contains two sets of user rights: site administrator rights and plant structure rights.

If you modify properties on the Rights tab, you must execute the Refresh Users command to properly update the site administrator group and plant structure roles.

Site Administrator Rights

Site administrators, while not appearing in the Roles node in a plant structure, have a set of unique rights that cannot be granted to any other role. This group of users has rights to create and modify plant structures, roles, hierarchies, and plant group types, to enable projects, and so forth.

Only members of the user group specified as the Site Administrator User Group during site creation can see the Hierarchy Templates and Plant Group Types roots in the Tree view. Site administrators can see all plant structures and have full permissions for them.

  • Site administrator rights do not extend by default to full rights in the engineering applications.

  • Additional site administrators can be added to the Site Administrator User Group by using the administrative tools provided by Windows. Be sure that these users are granted network user rights to the computer where Smart Engineering Manager is installed.

  • You can change the user group assigned as the site administrator group after site creation. For more information, see Change the Site Administrator User Group.

  • You can automatically include the site administrators group in each new plant you create or load by selecting the Add the site administrator group to each plant created option on the Site Properties > General tab. Doing this saves you the step of creating a new role to grant these users permissions for the new plant.

Plant Structure Rights

These rights are valid only within the plant structure with which the right is associated. To access the plant structure through Smart Engineering Manager, the user must belong to a role that has at least read-only access to the plant structure.

The following user rights are available to the Plant Structure Access category and are mutually exclusive.

Plant Structure Access


The user is not allowed to see any part of the plant structure, including the plant structure node.


The plant structure is visible, but the user cannot create, modify, or delete any data within the plant structure.

Full Control

The user can create plant groups, add applications and roles, and create projects and satellites, but cannot see the hierarchies or the plant group types. This right is valid only within the Smart Engineering Manager software.



The user is not allowed to launch Format Manager.


The user can launch Format Manager and view the format settings but cannot create, modify, or delete formats.

Full Control

The user can launch Format Manager and can create, modify, or delete formats.

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