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Downloading and saving a document as a PDF is a three-step process.

  1. Get a specific drawing to obtain its ID.

  2. Retrieve the drawing's Uri to obtain the name of the .pdf file that will be generated. This request requires the drawing's ID as part of the input.

  3. Downloading the document file and saving the drawing as a .pdf file. This request requires the .pdf file identifier generated in the previous step and the document ID as part of the input.

  • Only the Last Saved document can be download.

  • Only one document at a time can be downloaded.

Get documents

The values in the requests below are examples only.

  1. Launch Postman.

  2. Select any GET request and delete the text in the Uri after the variables. You should be left with something like this:

    GET Uri Variables Only.

  3. In the Uri, after the last forward slash (/) type Documents and click Send.

The response of the available documents is displayed.

Post request for document and PDF name

  1. From the response locate the document you want to download as a PDF and copy the document Id to the clipboard.

  2. Change the request type to Post.

  3. In the Uri field after Documents (without a space) add the following; ('xxxxxxxxxxx')/Com.Ingr.SEL.V2.LastSaved/.

  4. Replace the xxxxxxxxx with the Id you saved to the clipboard.

    POST Specific document and get PDF name

  5. Click Send.

  6. This response is returned.

    Responce with PDF FileName

Download document

  1. Change the request type to GET.

  2. Edit the Uri by adding, after the document Id, the following: /Com.Ingr.SEL.V2.GetDocumentResultAsync(FileName='25711a04-90d0-473b-97e8-5238cf6a364.pdf')/

    The FileName you copy from the response and must include the suffix .pdf.

  3. Click on the pointer next to Send and select Send and Download.

  4. On the Select path to save file dialog box, do the following:

    1. Select where you want to download your document.

    2. Type in a file name including the suffix .pdf.

    3. Click Save.