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Intergraph Smart® Electrical Web API provides a Web interface to access Smart Electrical's legacy data (including metadata), using OData V4.0 RESTful APIs. This version supports both read (GET) and update (PATCH) requests made to the database for the resources you are interested in.

This guide provides examples of requests to the metadata using JSON format. For a detailed explanation of the commands supported by the OData protocol, see OData Webpage. In this guide, we use Postman REST client to make requests to the Smart Electrical API and display screen shots of response payload examples from Postman.

  • The information in the screen captures and some of the examples used in this guide may be different from the values you enter in Postman; for example, the Smart Electrical Web API version number. When creating requests, use the current version number for the software.

  • Postman Version 9.12 was used for running the examples in this guide. If you have a different version of Postman, the user interface may be different from that shown in the screen captures. Refer to Postman documentation for information related to your installed version.

  • The following OData protocols are not supported in Smart Electrical:

    • Nested 'expand' requests, that is an 'expand' operation within another 'expand' operation.

    • Requests using the 'not' operation.

    • Requests using the 'like' operation.

    • Requests using the 'replace' operation.

    • Requests using the 'sort' filter operation.

Your payload results may differ from those shown in the examples in this tutorial according to your environment variables and your data.

Intended Audience

This Tutorial is intended for software developers and IT professionals who are familiar with Web services in order to develop interfaces using Smart Electrical Web APIs.

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