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All web APIs are secured with the OAuth2 protocol. As a user, you must identify yourself and be authorized to access API resources. Authorization is provided via an access token, which you must request from an authorization server (in this case, the security token service bundled with Smart API Manager).

For details on how to configure all the required settings in Smart API Manager, see Welcome to Intergraph Smart API Manager. If you do not have permission to log in with Smart API Manager, you will need to speak with the person at your company responsible for installing and configuring Smart API Manager to get the required information.

Get an access token

You must get and include an access token with every call to protected resources exposed from your API. For this tutorial, the predefined Get Token POST request retrieves a new access token from the authorization server.

To get a token, do the following:

  1. In the Collections tab, click the first request 01.01 Get Description and click Send.

    The response exposes information about the API version, the base URI, the Smart API Manager provider (TokenIssuerUri), and the resource ID (TokenAudience) for all the request calls:

    02.01 Description Results

  2. Run the request 01.02 Get Token.

  3. Move the cursor over the variable {{samServerUri}} in the address bar. Verify that the CURRENT VALUE in the tool tip displays the value you have configured in the environment.

  4. Click the Body tab of the request and ensure that the following keys and values appear:

  5. Click .

    The response returns a string with a success status.

    An access token will expire based on configuration in Smart API Manager. If your access token has expired when you make a request, the API returns a 401 Unauthorized status and error message: Token validation failed...

    Obtaining Client Credentials (9)

When this happens, return to the Collections tab, click the Get Token query, and click .