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Intergraph Smart Electrical Installation and Upgrade

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Smart Licensing software is required for concurrent licensing for both the core Smart Electrical product and for each feature, therefore you must install and configure Smart License on your workstation before installing Smart Electrical.  This licensing software is delivered on its own media.  For more information about using and configuring concurrent licensing, refer to the Smart Licensing Help.

  1. Insert the Smart Electrical DVD into the drive. If the installation does not start automatically, double-click setup.exe in the main folder.

  2. On the Welcome page, click Start Setup.

  3. On the Details and Features page, enter your user name and company details if required.

    By default, the user name and company name are obtained from the registry. You can change the values, but you cannot leave these fields blank.

  4. Under Select Features to Install, select the check boxes beside the products you want to install:

    • Smart Electrical (mandatory)

    • Import Manager

    • SAP Wizard

  5. Ensure that the Smart Electrical section is expanded and do the following:

    1. In the Install Path field, accept the default installation path or if required, specify a different path.

    2. In the Serial Number field, type your product serial number.

    3. Under Optional Features, select the check boxes beside the additional features that you want to install:

      • Smart Electrical Options Manager — installs Smart Electrical Options Manager.

      • Smart Electrical Rule Manager — installs Smart Electrical Rule Manager.

      • Smart Electrical API Programming Help — installs the Smart Electrical Programming Reference in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 or 2013. (For details, see API Programming for Smart Electrical).

        The Smart Electrical program is always installed, regardless of any other features you select.

  6. If selected, expand the Import Manager and SAP Wizard sections and type the product serial number for each item that you require.

  7. Click Next.

  8. On the License Agreement page, select your country or region from the list to view the license agreement in your language and then select the I agree to the license agreement and conditions check box.

  9. Click Install.

  10. On completion of the installation, if you want to open the Readme file, select View Readme.

  11. Click Finish to close the installation wizard.

  • On completion of the installation, if prompted, you should reboot your machine before starting Smart Electrical

  • If you try to install Smart Electrical software when you do not have write permissions to the registry on the computer on which you are installing, a warning message appears. For details of what to do if you see this message, see Grant Permissions to Write to a Registry Key.

  • The driver used for printing the PDF files, Smart PDF Converter (Amyuni 5.0.1), is included in the Smart Electrical installation. This printer is used for PDF generation and should not be removed or used for any other purpose. If you are unable to generate PDF files because this driver is missing, restore the driver by running the executable file InstallPDFConverter.exe, which is installed by default in the software installation folder path ..\SmartPlant\Electrical\Program\.

  • If you installed Smart Electrical API Programming Help, it is available in the Help of Visual Studio. For more information see .API Programming for Smart Electrical