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Intergraph Smart Electrical Installation and Upgrade

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Intergraph Smart Electrical
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Hardware Recommendations

Smart Electrical testing is done on computers having a 2.4 GHz processor and 4 GB of RAM. For additional details regarding platform support, please review the latest compatibility matrix available on PPM Smart Community. If you cannot access the compatibility matrix, contact Intergraph Support.

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 10 v1903 or later - Professional and Enterprise, 64-bit

Smart Electrical is certified on Windows with UAC ‘On’ at Level 3 (Default)

Supported Database Clients

  • Oracle 18c client (18.3)

  • Oracle 19.3.0.* Client

  • The client database software must be of the same version as the server database software.

  • For Oracle 19.3 Client and later, to enable Smart Electrical activities, you must register the .NET assemblies to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) after the initial installation, and each time you apply a patch. For details, see Register Oracle .NET assemblies.

  • Do not use Oracle 'light client' as it does not include some of the required .dll files.

  • Beginning with Windows 10 and Oracle, Microsoft and Oracle will enforce the Internet Host Table Specification RFC 952 which mandates that component hostname labels can contain only alphanumeric characters. Host names using underscores (‘_’) are not allowed. Refer to Oracle Support Articles 1603775.1 and 1957895.1 and Microsoft KB 101785.

For SQL Server, no client installation is required.

Recommended Disk Space

Oracle Software

SQL Server Software


Oracle Client installation

1 GB

SQL Server Client installation

100 MB

Smart Engineering Manager (full installation)

250 MB

Smart Electrical (full installation)

250 MB

SmartPlant Schema Component (for an integrated environment)

25 MB

SmartPlant Client (for an integrated environment)

30 MB


1 GB


0.1 GB


0.55 GB

Software Prerequisites

  • PDF reader (required for reading and saving various documents)

  • Smart Electrical 10 requires Intergraph Smart® Licensing 2019 or later.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

  • Microsoft .Net Core - .Net Core 2.2 or later prefered

  • Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 6.0 Service Pack 1

  • Smart Engineering Manager 11

Optional Software

Apart from SmartSketch and Smart Engineering Manager, the following software programs are not Intergraph corporation software and are owned by third parties.  It is the responsibility of the customer to select in its sole discretion the applicable third-party software the customer desires to use to generate reports and Intergraph makes no recommendation as to the choice of said third-party software.  The customer is responsible for obtaining a valid license to use said third-party software from the owner of said third-party software and to pay any license fees to the owner of said third-party software for the use of said third-party software.  INTERGRAPH DISCLAIMS AND MAKES NO WARRANTY EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR THE WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IN REGARD TO SAID THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE.

  • For working in a thin client environment, Citrix XenApp 7.15 (Windows Server 2019 (Datacenter)

  • ETAP electrical power systems design and analysis software - version 19 and 19.5

  • Microsoft Edge Browser (required for viewing the Online documentation delivered with the software)

  • Microsoft Office - Microsoft Office 2019/365 (optional) (For products that require Office to be loaded on the machine for functionality; 32-bit is minimum mandatory)

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge Browser (Tested)

  • SmartSketch 2018

  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2018

  • Bentley MicroStation 08