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You can import plant item values from an external source and insert these values into a specific operating case in your plant. This way, you can quickly populate plant item values for various cases that exist in your plant.

Note that this feature does not create new operating cases in your plant. You can only populate the existing operating cases with external plant item values.

To carry out this task, follow the normal workflow that you use with data links.

  1. Create a data link for operating case data insertion. For details, see Create a Data Link.

  2. In the Data Link Wizard, on the Source and Target Definition page, select EquipmentOperatingCase from the Target item type list.

  3. On the Map the Fields of the Source Table and Target Item Type Properties page, make sure that you map the following target item type properties:

    • Operating Case.Case Name (mandatory) — sets the appropriate operating case into which the values will be inserted.

    • Plant Item.Item.Item Tag (mandatory) — sets the appropriate plant item into which the operating case data will be inserted.

    • ItemHierarchy (optional) — sets the appropriate plant hierarchy if there are plant items with identical tag names in various plant group items (for example, motor M-100 exist in both unit A and unit B in your plant).

    • Equipment.Electrical Equipment Sub Class (optional) — sets the appropriate equipment sub-class if the naming conventions in your plant are not set to be unique. This will avoid an import rejection if, for example, your naming conventions allow the existence of motor M-100 and motor heater M-100.

  4. Select the Key check box for each of the above mapped properties. For more information about this check box, see Map the Fields of the Source Table and Target Item Type Properties (Data Link Wizard).

  5. Click Next in the Data Link Wizard to continue the workflow of the data link creation.