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In previous versions of Smart Construction, you could choose which kind of correlation was used in your project, either indirect or direct. Smart Construction 8 uses indirect correlation.

If you use indirect correlation in your project, you must run an upgrade script to update your correlation type.

If you use direct correlation in your project, you can skip this step.

This script does not change previously retrieved data. All data retrieved in the current version of Smart Construction will be retrieved using indirect correlation. For more information about correlation in Smart Construction, see Loading and using data with fabrication modifications in Smart Construction.

  1. Browse to the RebuildAuxTables folder in the Smart Construction server product installation location.

    For an Oracle database, navigate to [Drive]:\Program Files\SmartConstruction\Database\Oracle\RebuildAuxTables.

    For a SQL database, navigate to [Drive]:\Program Files\SmartConstruction\Database\SQLServer\RebuildAuxTables.

  2. Log on to your database system with system administrator privileges and run the 02-Populate_SPC_DwgComps.sql and 03-Populate_SPC_DwgComps_Assemblies.sql scripts for your database system.