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  1. Configure the client hold point from the web application. For more information on configuration, see configure client hold point section in Inspection Points/Steps.

  2. Once you have added the inspection hold point, you view the client hold point as shown below:

    iOS - Client hold point

  3. To ensure that only eligible field executioners can perform an inspection of this step, you can secure the step with the lock feature. To unlock the step:

    • Select the inspection step that you want to unlock.

    • Enter the required PIN in the PIN Code pop up.

    • If a wrong pin is entered, an error message is displayed.

      iOS - Hold point - pin code

    • Tap Submit > Close.

  4. Once you have unlocked the step, you will see your username details and the date stamp on the step. You can edit the details if required.

  5. Once you have executed the inspection hold point, tap Confirm. All disabled steps will be enabled and you can proceed with the smart form steps execution.

To ensure that the lookups are accurate, you must sync them again if any roles or role profiles are changed before the sync.