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Upload the files

  1. Tap the My Tasks > Task Files tab.

  2. Tap the Add File / Image shown in the planned task.

  3. In the Want To pop-up, tap

    • Choose Image - To browse the image from your device.

    • Choose File - To browse the file from your device.

    • Annotate - To add markups or comments on an image or file.

    • Take Photo - To open the camera and take a picture.

    Want to - IOS

  4. Select Ok.


  1. Tap Annotate > Pen.

  2. Tap on the file page, in the left panel of the page, tap on Ellipsis.

  3. This unlocks options of the file to Rotate Left or Rotate Right.

    • You have the ability to rotate documents when viewing. You can use this only on documents that are being annotated.

    • The viewer can display any file type, but it is only used for annotation.

    • You cannot rotate images.

  4. Tap on pen sizes or eraser to write or erase anything on the image or file.

  5. Tap + to unlock options like Description, Text, Signature, Magnifier, or select shapes.

    Annotate Shape

  6. Tap Done > Save to Files.

    SHARED Tip Tap Discard Changes to cancel your changes on the image or file.

  7. Tap Save.

  • The maximum file size for a PDF file that can be uploaded is 3MB.

  • The only file types that can be uploaded are PDF files and images (.jpg or .png).

  • The files you upload should be saved at Files > On My iPad >Smart Completions folder initially. You can only upload files from this folder.

    Files Appln

  • We recommend you take backup of the Smart Completions folder contents before clearing the cache. The content in the folder is cleared when you clear cache from the device.

  • You need to login again to create the Smart Completions folder whenever you clear cache of the device.

If you are unable to upload a PDF file, please check for the following:

  • Make sure that the PDF file is less than 3MB in size.

  • Make sure that you have a valid user account for the SaaS application.

  • Make sure that the SaaS application is up to date.