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The flange task manager provides all available information on the flanges that are being used across the project.

  1. Select the Flange Manager tab to view the flange joint tasks in the system.

  2. Click a flange task record to view the non- compliances or task points associated to it.

    1. Click on the Non- Compliance item, to view the non-compliance tasks associated to it.

    2. Click on the Task points item, to view the Steps completions tab. Here, you can view the smart form and continue with the execution or raise a non- compliance.

  3. You can view or navigate to the reference documents associated with a flange task.

  • Offline Mode: The tile turns blue with the label My Flange tasks. Select this tab to download a flange task and execute it or raise non-compliance against it.

  • Online Mode: The tile turns green. You must be able to sync back and view all the tasks executed in offline mode.