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Intergraph Smart Completions Smart API Programmer's Getting Started Guide (5.3.23)

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You can explore the Smart Completions Smart API using Postman, a generic third-party client.

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This section gives examples of how to:

Before you begin

Before getting started with Postman, here are a few things you should know.

Client registration

As with any client application, you must first register Postman with the identity provider. For the Smart Cloud environment, your Customer Admin for the Smart Cloud Portal must send a request to register Postman as a client application.

Supported configurations

Postman is supported for all the configurations supported by the Smart Completions Smart API.

Configurations that are not explicitly listed as supported are not tested by Hexagon. While it is possible to use Postman with the Smart Completions Smart API in unsupported configurations, Hexagon neither affirms that Postman will work with the Smart Completions Smart API in unsupported configurations nor offers support for issues arising from the use of the Smart Completions Smart API in unsupported environments.

Where to learn more

These examples assume that you are familiar with using web APIs and common industry tools such as Postman. To learn more, see the resources available on the Postman site.