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Intergraph Smart Completions Release Notes (5.3.9)

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Added Translations to Smart Completions Application

The Smart Completions application login allows you to choose languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Japanese and German. See Logging in to Smart Completions.

Added Add Option to Change Custody at Certificate Closure

You can select the state (Complete/ Closed) to generate the certificate (Partial or Complete) for custody transfer. See Partial Certificates.

Updating from Filter to Assignment (GUI, Wizard, Imports) while creating Partial certificates

You can add or assign the certificate items (assets- tasks, punchlists, MOC, HIRA etc) while creating partial certificates. See Partial Certificates .

Added new field I/O Type Column in vAssets and picklist dropdown in Instrument Manager

You can multi select the PLC-I/O type for Assets, Instrument Assets, DCS/PLC Assets, Assets Audit and Planned Tasks Managers. This helps you to view all the Assets that have been tagged as PLC- I/O type. See Assets .

Dynamic Workflow - imported transition information

You can view the work status of all the documents in a task by navigating to the Workflow-Status column. See Viewing workflow status.

Added Flange Joint ID to vAssets Import for Easy, Bulk Assignment

The import was updated to enable users to link "asset tag" to a flange joint, as a flange joint is typically connecting two lines together, or a line to a pump inlet/outlet. See Adding Flange Joint ID to Assets.

Added Date stamp in excel reports

For users spread across time zones, the Date Time Shift option allows you to set a standard date- time stamp from the given options. See Creating a new export . The system provides you theses options:

  • GMT/ UTC - No conversion

  • Local (without Daylight Saving Time) or Project offset

  • USA/ Canada (Daylight Saving Time- 2nd Sunday in March through 1st Sunday in November) or Project offset

  • Australia (Daylight Saving Time)- 1st Sunday in October through 1st Sunday in April) or Project offset

  • Chile (Daylight Saving Time)- 1st Sunday in September through 1st Sunday in April) or Project offset

  • Mexico (Daylight Saving Time)- 1st Sunday in April through last Sunday in October) or Project offset

Work Package Step Module link to Loop and Pack Module

A Work Package Step can be linked to any completion's tasks (e.g. asset, loop, pack, system/area), however it does not have ability to link a flange joint task to the work package as they are not considered completions tasks, and only completions tasks are linked to the Assurance Certificate process. In the work package manager, the secondary panels will display any task linked to the work package, now including the Loop and Pack tasks. See Create Work Packages

Enhance DE team binder connector to include HOP details

This enhancement is designed to support pulling typically documentation from the Document Management System (DMS) and including key documentation into the completions turnover package. This is primarily used when an EPC is focused on compiling a single turnover package and pulling in real time the associated documentation from the DMS to the Owner/Operator. See Using Teambinder for Handover Packages.

Updated SC- SDx Integration with Asset information

You can map (add/ modify) Assets from SDx into Smart Completions and track changes in field log to know if there is a failure while transferring a record. You can also customize an asset from the SDx (if the same tag is missing in SC) to SC using Data Exchange manager. See Data Exchange for Assets in Smart Completions.

Added API support Certificate changes

Enabled and exposed CertificateID for items that are bound to a certificate in ovMOC, ovPunchlist, ovPlannedTasks. Also, FileID is exposed in in ovPlannedTasks and ovCertifiecates. You can find details in the off-line API documentation.